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How to Take Accurate Bite w/ Wax Rim

An accurate bite is essential to the function and aesthetics of a dental prosthetic. Here are some steps you can take to ensure an accurate bite with a Bite Block:

-Cut about 4 notches into the Bite Block

-Place some bite registration material on the lower arch

-Make sure the patient bites down neutrally. It is very easy for the patient to bite down with the mandible going to the side or forward

-Mark the mid line and the smile line.

These simple steps will result in a more accurate bite and in turn, result in less adjustments being made. Your patient can get their finished denture much faster and be much happier.

Tip: Have patient relax jaw and move patients mandible from left to right before having them bite down to ensure they muscles are not tight. This will help eliminate any tension to one side which may throw the bite off.

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